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Videos (also look under "Presentations")

ClimateCrocks, 9/23/22, Jennifer Francis on Hurricane Fiona

Lunch and Learn Webinar with Clean Energy Ventures, 10/6/21, Arctic Meltdown: Why It Matters to Us All,

Sippican Lands Trust webinar, Arctic Meltdown: Why It Matters to Us All, 5/17/21

St. Louis Public Radio, Panel discussion with TV meteorologists, 3/25/21

Woodwell webinar with Chris Gloninger: Extreme Weather and the Climate Crisis. 3/3/21

Bloomberg Green: Climate Lessons of the Texas Freeze, 2/26/21

Woodwell Climate Research Center hosted discussion with TV meteorologists about extreme weather and climate, 2/18/21

New Bedford Science Cafe, Arctic Meltdown: Why It Matters to All of Us, 2/2/21

Feedback Loops: January 2021. A new series of five short videos about vicious cycles that are making climate change worse. I'm in the segment called Atmospheres as well as the combined version called Earth Emergency

Boston CBS News, 1/31/21

Make the Earth Cool Again, Arctic Basecamp Project, 1/27/21

U.S. Senate Hearing, Commerce Subcommittee on Security, 12/8/2020, U.S. Coast Guard and Arctic Strategy (I was last person to testify, invited by MA Senator Markey)

Excellent new video by Bryce Plank, How the Climate is Changing. November 2020


After the Ice, 10/14/20. Series of 3 mini-documentaries about Bering Sea communities facing profound environmental change. Created by Eli Kintisch (PBS News Hour producer) as a part of my contribution to the NSF-funded Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) project. press release

BNN Bloomberg, 12/8/19, Canada needs to stick to climate change goals

Middlebury College, Clifford Symposium, 9/20/19, Extreme Weather on the Rise, Arctic Ice on the Decline: How Are They Connected?​

WHRC Presentation, 8/14/19: Rough Weather Ahead -- How Climate Change is Making Our Weather More Extreme

Climate Crocks, Peter Sinclair, 7/12/19: The climate signal in this year's crazy weather

13 February 2019: Witness testimony at congressional hearing for the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in Washington DC, "The State of Climate Science and Why it Matters."

NOVA PBS, 2/1/19: If you think you understand the polar vortex, think again. Learn more about the science behind the record-breaking cold spell it created.

Climate Crocks, 1/30/19

Shown at the World Economic Forum, Davos: Arctic Frontiers, 1/21/19, Extreme Weather and the Arctic Meltdown

Seminar at Montclair State University, 10/2/18

Arctic Basecamp 2018 at World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland:

The Real News, 9/17/18: How global warming and Arctic ice melt intensify hurricanes

and here:

New England Aquarium, 10/19/17: Crazy Weather and the Arctic Meltdown

Peter Sinclair (Climate Crocks) -- 3 videos on recent Arctic change and global linkages, posted 12/10/17:

Woodrow Wilson Center: Arctic Environmental Futures: Nexus of Science, Policy, and Operations, 29 September 2017

Climate Crocks with Peter Sinclair, AGU 2016

Yale Environment 360, 12/6/16

An Unusually Warm Arctic Year: Sign of Future Climate Turmoil? by Fen Montaigne: Yale Environment 360

Yale Climate Connections, AGU 2016

Presentation at Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjavik, Iceland, October 2016

Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit, Breckenridge, CO, January 2016

Seminar at Tabor Academy, 4/23/15

Crazy Weather and Climate Change: Are They Connected?

Webinar recording for Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, 3/6/15

Presentation at Arctic Linkages Workshop in Barcelona, Spain, 12/10/14

Max Wilbert video, Fall AGU 2014:

Documentary by Ann Curry, NBC News, "Our Year of Extremes," 4/7/14:

John Holdren video on Polar Vortex 1/8/14

Testimony at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, 7/18/2013

Excellent documentary on ABC News Catalyst (Australia), 7/13


Weather and Climate Summit, Breckenridge, CO Jan 2-7 2012

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