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Other Publications

(in chronological order)


Yale Environment 360 -- a non-technical version of the 2012 GRL paper by J. Francis




Wunderground Earth Day invited contribution, 4/22/13



National Academies Polar Research Board Workshop summary, 3/28/14,


AWIS Magazine article Winter 2014 issue

Science Magazine article by Eli Kintisch, 4/8/14:




The Conversation, 18 Feb., 2015: A melting Arctic and weird weather: the plot thickens.


The Conversation, 19 Aug., 2015: A melting Arctic demands more – not less – research on earth science.



The Conversation, 11 January 2018, Is warming in the Arctic behind this year’s crazy winter weather?

World Economic Forum, 5 March 2018: The Arctic is sending us a powerful message about climate change. It’s time for us to listen


New Jersey State Bar Foundation, Legal Eagle, Spring 2018:

Washington Post OpEd, 3/21/18

Scientific American, April 2018, Vol. 318, No. 4: Meltdown ** Selected for republication in Scientific American's special issue: Best Science Stories of 2018 **   ***Selected for inclusion in a special volume of Best of the Decade, appearing in summer 2021 *** pdf

Reddit with Eli Kintisch, 5/1/18: AskScience AMA Series: We're a climate scientist and filmmaker with Vox exploring the melting Arctic and the impact it's having on global weather. AUA!

Carbon Brief, Guest Blog, 9/17/18: How Arctic warming could have steered Hurricane Florence towards the US



The Conversation, 1/29/19: How frigid polar vortex blasts are connected to global warming.

2019 Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, “Rising Seas.” The piece explains causes of sea-level rise both globally and regional variations. Available for purchase at

Scientific American, June 2019, Vol. 320, No. 6: Rough Weather Ahead

(contact me to request pdf of article)


The Hill, 7/21/21, Op-Ed

Stendel, M., J. Francis, R. White, P.D. Williams, & T. Woollings, "The Jet Stream and Climate Change," Chapter 15 in Climate Change - Observed Impacts on Planet Earth. Elsevier, 2021



Francis, J.A., "Arctic Warming and the Jet Stream" in The Climate Book, edited by Greta Thunberg, 2023.



Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 2/9/24

What in the World Is Weather Whiplash? pdf

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