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Radio and TV Interviews



NPR All Things Considered with Ari Shapiro, 7/29/21, New Study Links Rate Of Emissions To Extreme Weather

NPR ClimateCast, 7/22/21

Fort Worth Star Telegram, In a state that once sang ‘Freeze a Yankee,’ the myth of an invincible Texas crumbles, 2/22/21

TruthOut, Winter Storms Offer a Taste of the Climate Chaos Ahead If We Don’t Cut Emissions, 2/17/21

BBC, Science in Action, Weird Weather, 2/17/21

ClimaTrends Podcast, Episode 5: Arctic Warming & “Winter Weirding”, 2/5/21


Cambridge University Lecture Series, Shaping the Future Podcast, 12/11/20: Abrupt Cooling in the Arctic?

NPR/Minnesota Public Radio, ClimateCast, 11/19/20, The Art of Science Communication

NPR/WBUR, Living on Earth, 10/30/20, Arctic sea ice overdue

NPR/Oregon Public Broadcasting, 9/21/20, We know climate change set the conditions for Oregon fires. Did it stoke the flames, too?

NPR/WBUR 9/14/20, How A Warming Arctic Will Change New England Weather

NPR/NEXT, 6/4/20, Episode 201: New England Protesters Condemn Systemic Racism; Maverick Town Leaders Hatch Plan To Sidestep Sea Level Rise · New England News Collaborative (go to minutes 24-29)

NPR/WCAI, 5/21/20, Cape Officials Prepare For 'Worst' As Forecasts Warn of Busy Hurricane Season

NBC, Boston, 4/14/20, Climate Change and COVID-19: The Pandemic’s Impact on Climate Change



Boston 25 TV News, 9/17/19, Climate Matters: How New England is being impacted by our changing climate 

NPR/WCAI Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, 8/19/19

KRLD Radio in Texas with Mitch Carr, 6/6/19

NPR/CAI Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, 6/5/19

NPR/WLRN, Chris Remington, 4/30/19: Researcher Examines Impact Of Melting Polar Ice On Hurricanes

Nursing Economic$ Podcast, 4/24/19: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Francis, Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center

NPR WCAI Living Lab, Heather Goldstone, 2/4/19: Polar vortex linked to climate change

PRI's The World, Marco Werman, 1/31/19: Why is Chicago colder than parts of the Arctic?


PBS Newshour, 1/30/19: Why the Midwest's deep freeze may be a consequence of climate change. 


The Real News, 9/17/18, How Global Warming and Arctic Ice Melt Intensify Hurricanes

also here:

NPR/WHYY, Philadelphia, Radio Times, 9/11/18: Climate change, environmental regulation, and the Chesapeake Bay comeback

NPR/WCAI, Living Lab Radio, Heather Goldstone, 8/6/18: Why we're having the same weather all summer

ClimateState, Experts Discuss Recent Heat Waves and Atmospheric Changes, 7/29/18

KARE TV, Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, Sven Sundgaard, 5/17/18

How warming in Arctic affects Minnesota's weather

Minnesota Public Radio, Climate Cast with Paul Huttner, 5/10/18

What Happens in the Arctic Doesn't Stay in the Arctic

NPR/WCAI Living Lab, 3/19/18: Extreme Arctic Warming Linked to Extreme Cold and Snow in New England

Inside Higher Ed, The Academic Minute, 3/13/18: Extreme Winter Weather and Climate Change

TheRealNews, 1/11/18, Global Warming and Extreme Cold: How One Leads to the Other

NPR WHYY (Philadelphia) Radio Times, 1/8/18

Cold and climate change / Offshore drilling


NECN (New England Community Network) interview on "The Take" with Sue O'Connell, 11/1/17 

Yale Climate Connections, video, Jan. 2017

Climate Crocks with Peter Sinclair, video, Jan. 2017

NPR All Things Considered, 3/9/17

Al Jazeera, TV panel discussion, Harvey & Irma & Climate Change, 9/8/17


NPR Here and Now, radio interview, 11/21/16


NPR/PRI The World, radio interview, 2/24/15

How the warming Arctic might be behind Boston's deep freeze


The National, CBC TV, video, 2/26/15


Yale Environment Forum, Peter Sinclair video 1/7/14


SiriusXM Michael Smerconish Program


NPR Kojo Nnamdi Show 1/8/14


Yale Climate Forum, Peter Sinclair video 1/29/14


BBC 2/15/14


NPR blog 2/16/14


NPR “Here and Now” 2/17/14


CBS Evening News 2/17/14


Radio NZ (Steve) 2/18/14


CTV News 2/18/14


Mother Jones – debate with Kevin Trenberth 2/21/14


Weather Channel 2/24/14


BBC News TV 2/16/14

Radio Health Journal, 3/12/14 Interview: 


Radio KSDK interview, 4/6/14:


ClimateCentral interview, 5/23/14:


NBC News interview, 5/22/14:


EcoWatch video, 8/5/14:


NPR/PRI, Living Earth, radio interview, 11/1/14:


NPR/PRI radio interview, 11/6/14: 


Live TV Interview on WPSD, 16 January 2013


Interview with ABC News Australia, 3/28/13


NPR, Minnesota Public Radio, 3/28/13


Interview on NPR's Diane Rehm Show, 6/11/13


Documentary on ABC News Catalyst (Australia), 7/13


NPR Science Friday, 9/20/13


 NPR 9/25/13,


Yale Environment 360 Forum (me, Michael Mann, Kevin Trenberth, Jane Long, Mark Pagani, Gavin Schmidt, and Anders Levermann) 10/3/2013


NPR The Takeaway 16 July 2012


NPR The Takeaway 2 August 2012


Radio EcoShock 10 Deptember 2012


NPR All Things Consdered 10 September 2012


NPR Morning Edition 11 September 2012


Weather Channel 11 September 2012


NPR WBUR 17 September 2012


The Weather Channel 17 September 2012


NPR-Alaska 9/19/12


CBS News 11/4/12


NPR/PRI "The World," 11/16/2012


Weather Channel 10/2/12


Peter Sinclair video 10/1/12



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